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TiDB Cloud Release Notes in 2024

This page lists the release notes of TiDB Cloud in 2024.

May 21, 2024

General changes

May 14, 2024

General changes

  • Expand the selection of time zones in the Time Zone section to better accommodate customers from diverse regions.

  • Support creating a VPC peering when your VPC is in a different region from the VPC of TiDB Cloud.

  • Data Service (beta) supports path parameters alongside query parameters.

    This feature enhances resource identification with structured URLs and improves user experience, search engine optimization (SEO), and client integration, offering developers more flexibility and better alignment with industry standards.

    For more information, see Basic properties.

April 16, 2024

CLI changes

April 9, 2024

General changes

April 2, 2024

General changes

  • Introduce two service plans for TiDB Serverless clusters: Free and Scalable.

    To meet different user requirements, TiDB Serverless offers the free and scalable service plans. Whether you are just getting started or scaling to meet the increasing application demands, these plans provide the flexibility and capabilities you need.

    For more information, see Cluster plans.

  • Modify the throttling behavior for TiDB Serverless clusters upon reaching their usage quota. Now, once a cluster reaches its usage quota, it immediately denies any new connection attempts, thereby ensuring uninterrupted service for existing operations.

    For more information, see Usage quota.

March 5, 2024

General changes

Console changes

  • Introduce the Cost Explorer tab on the Billing page, which provides an intuitive interface for analyzing and customizing cost reports for your organization over time.

    To use this feature, navigate to the Billing page of your organization and click the Cost Explorer tab.

    For more information, see Cost Explorer.

  • TiDB Dedicated displays a limit label for node-level resource metrics.

    The limit label shows the maximum usage of resources such as CPU, memory, and storage for each component in a cluster. This enhancement simplifies the process of monitoring the resource usage rate of your cluster.

    To access these metric limits, navigate to the Monitoring page of your cluster, and then check the Server category under the Metrics tab.

    For more information, see Metrics for TiDB Dedicated clusters.

February 20, 2024

General changes

  • Support creating more TiDB Cloud nodes on Google Cloud.

    • By configuring a regional CIDR size of /19 for Google Cloud, you can now create up to 124 TiDB Cloud nodes within any region of a project.
    • If you want to create more than 124 nodes in any region of a project, you can contact TiDB Cloud Support for assistance in customizing an IP range size ranging from /16 to /18.

January 23, 2024

General changes

  • Add 32 vCPU as a node size option for TiDB, TiKV, and TiFlash.

    For each 32 vCPU, 128 GiB TiKV node, the node storage ranges from 200 GiB to 6144 GiB.

    It is recommended to use such nodes in the following scenarios:

    • High-workload production environments
    • Extremely high performance

January 16, 2024

General changes

  • Enhance CIDR configuration for projects.

    • You can directly set a region-level CIDR for each project.

    • You can choose your CIDR configurations from a broader range of CIDR values.

      Note: The previous global-level CIDR settings for projects are retired, but all existing regional CIDR in active state remain unaffected. There will be no impact on the network of existing clusters.

      For more information, see Set a CIDR for a region.

  • TiDB Serverless users now have the capability to disable public endpoints for your clusters.

    For more information, see Disable a Public Endpoint.

  • Data Service (beta) supports configuring a custom domain to access endpoints in a Data App.

    By default, TiDB Cloud Data Service provides a domain <region> to access each Data App's endpoints. For enhanced personalization and flexibility, you can now configure a custom domain for your Data App instead of using the default domain. This feature enables you to use branded URLs for your database services and enhances security.

    For more information, see Custom domain in Data Service.

January 3, 2024

General changes

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