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Migration and Import Overview

You can migrate data from a wide variety of data sources to TiDB Cloud. This document gives an overview of the data migration scenarios.

Migrate data from MySQL-Compatible databases

When you migrate data from a MySQL-compatible database, you can perform full data migration and incremental data migration. The migration scenarios and methods are as follows:

Import data from files to TiDB Cloud

If you have data files in SQL, CSV, Parquet, or Aurora Snapshot formats, you can import these files to TiDB Cloud in one go. The import scenarios and methods are as follows:


Configure Amazon S3 access and GCS access

If your source data is stored in Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage (GCS) buckets, before importing or migrating the data to TiDB Cloud, you need to configure access to the buckets. For more information, see Configure Amazon S3 access and GCS access.

Naming conventions for data import

To make sure that your data can be imported successfully, you need to prepare schema files and data files that conform to the naming conventions. For more information, see Naming Conventions for Data Import.

Troubleshoot access denied errors during data import from Amazon S3

You can troubleshoot access denied errors that might occur when you import data from Amazon S3 into TiDB Cloud. For more information, see Troubleshoot Access Denied Errors during Data Import from Amazon S3.

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