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Changefeed Billing

TiDB Cloud measures the capacity of changefeeds in TiCDC Replication Capacity Units (RCUs). When you create a changefeed for a cluster, you can select an appropriate specification. The higher the RCU, the better the replication performance. You will be charged for these TiCDC changefeed RCUs.

Number of TiCDC RCUs

The following table lists the specifications and corresponding replication performances for changefeeds:

SpecificationMaximum replication performance
2 RCUs5,000 rows/s
4 RCUs10,000 rows/s
8 RCUs20,000 rows/s
16 RCUs40,000 rows/s
24 RCUs60,000 rows/s
32 RCUs80,000 rows/s
40 RCUs100,000 rows/s


To learn about the supported regions and the price of TiDB Cloud for each TiCDC RCU, see Changefeed Cost.

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