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TiDB Cloud Data Service (Beta) Overview

TiDB Cloud Data Service (beta) is a fully managed low-code backend-as-a-service solution that simplifies backend application development, empowering developers to rapidly build highly scalable, secure, data-driven applications.

Data Service enables you to access TiDB Cloud data via an HTTPS request using a custom API endpoint. This feature uses a serverless architecture to handle computing resources and elastic scaling, so you can focus on the query logic in endpoints without worrying about infrastructure or maintenance costs.

An endpoint in Data Service is a web API that you can customize to execute SQL statements. You can specify parameters for your SQL statements, such as the value used in the WHERE clause. When a client calls an endpoint and provides values for the parameters in a request URL, the endpoint executes the corresponding SQL statement with the provided parameters and returns the results as part of the HTTP response.

To manage endpoints more efficiently, you can use Data Apps. A Data App in Data Service is a collection of endpoints that you can use to access data for a specific application. By creating a Data App, you can group your endpoints and configure authorization settings using API keys to restrict access to endpoints. In this way, you can ensure that only authorized users can access and manipulate your data, making your application more secure.


Data Service allows you to seamlessly integrate TiDB Cloud with any application or service that is compatible with HTTPS. The following are some typical usage scenarios:

  • Access the database of your TiDB cluster directly from a mobile or web application.
  • Use serverless edge functions to call endpoints and avoid scalability issues caused by database connection pooling.
  • Integrate TiDB Cloud with data visualization projects by using Data Service as a data source. This avoids exposing your database connection username and password, making your API more secure and easier to use.
  • Connect to your database from an environment that the MySQL interface does not support. This provides more flexibility and options for you to access data.

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