tiup dm audit

The tiup dm audit command is used to view historical commands executed on all clusters and the execution log of each command.


tiup dm audit [audit-id] [flags]
  • If you do not fill in the [audit-id], the table of operation records is output in reverse chronological order. The first column is the audit-id.
  • If you fill in the [audit-id], the execution log of the specified audit-id is checked.


-h, --help

  • Prints the help information.
  • Data type: BOOLEAN
  • Default: false


  • If [audit-id] is specified, the corresponding execution log is output.
  • If [audit-id] is not specified, a table with the following fields is output:
    • ID: the audit-id corresponding to this record
    • Time: the execution time of the command corresponding to the record
    • Command: the command corresponding to the record

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