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What's New in TiDB Operator v1.6

TiDB Operator 1.6 introduces the following key features, which helps you manage TiDB clusters and the tools more easily in terms of extensibility and usability.

Compatibility changes

  • Upgrade Kubernetes dependency to v1.28, and it is not recommended to deploy tidb-scheduler.
  • When deploying using Helm chart, support setting lock resource used by tidb-controller-manager for leader election, with the default value of .Values.controllerManager.leaderResourceLock: leases. When upgrading TiDB Operator to v1.6.0-beta.1 or a later version, it is recommended to first set .Values.controllerManager.leaderResourceLock: endpointsleases and wait for the new tidb-controller-manager to run normally before setting it to .Values.controllerManager.leaderResourceLock: leases to update the deployment.


  • Support deploying PD v8.0.0 and later versions in microservice mode (experimental).
  • Support scaling out or in TiDB components in parallel.


  • Support automatically setting location labels for TiProxy.
  • Support setting maxSkew, minDomains, and nodeAffinityPolicy in topologySpreadConstraints for components of a TiDB cluster.
  • Support setting startupProbe for TiDB components.
  • Support setting additional command-line arguments for TiDB components.
  • Support setting livenessProbe and readinessProbe for the Discovery component.
  • Support setting nodeSelector for the TidbInitializer component.
  • Enable TiFlash to directly mount ConfigMap without relying on an InitContainer to process configuration files.

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