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TiDB Cloud Introduction

TiDB Cloud is a fully-managed Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) that brings TiDB, an open-source Hybrid Transactional and Analytical Processing (HTAP) database, to your cloud. TiDB Cloud offers an easy way to deploy and manage databases to let you focus on your applications, not the complexities of the databases. You can create TiDB Cloud clusters to quickly build mission-critical applications on Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

TiDB Cloud Overview

Why TiDB Cloud

TiDB Cloud allows you with little or no training to handle complex tasks such as infrastructure management and cluster deployment easily.

  • Developers and database administrators (DBAs) can handle a large amount of online traffic effortlessly and rapidly analyze a large volume of data across multiple datasets.

  • Enterprises of all sizes can easily deploy and manage TiDB Cloud to adapt to your business growth without prepayment.

Watch the following video to learn more about TiDB Cloud:

With TiDB Cloud, you can get the following key features:

  • Fast and Customized Scaling

    Elastically and transparently scale to hundreds of nodes for critical workloads while maintaining ACID transactions. No need to bother with sharding. And you can scale your performance and storage nodes separately according to your business needs.

  • MySQL Compatibility

    Increase productivity and shorten time-to-market for your applications with TiDB's MySQL compatibility. Easily migrate data from existing MySQL instances without the need to rewrite code.

  • High Availability and Reliability

    Naturally high availability by design. Data replication across multiple Availability Zones, daily backups, and auto-failover ensure business continuity, regardless of hardware failure, network partition, or data center loss.

  • Real-Time Analytics

    Get real-time analytical query results with a built-in analytics engine. TiDB Cloud runs consistent analytical queries on current data without disturbing mission-critical applications.

  • Enterprise Grade Security

    Secure your data in dedicated networks and machines, with support for encryption both in-flight and at-rest. TiDB Cloud is certified by SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 27701, and fully compliant with GDPR.

  • Fully-Managed Service

    Deploy, scale, monitor, and manage TiDB clusters with a few clicks, through an easy-to-use web-based management platform.

  • Multi-Cloud Support

    Stay flexible without cloud vendor lock-in. TiDB Cloud is currently available on AWS and Google Cloud.

  • Simple Pricing Plans

    Pay only for what you use, with transparent and upfront pricing with no hidden fees.

  • World-Class Support

    Get world-class support through our support portal, email, chat, or video conferencing.

Deployment options

TiDB Cloud provides the following two deployment options:

  • TiDB Serverless

    TiDB Serverless is a fully managed, multi-tenant TiDB offering. It delivers an instant, autoscaling MySQL-compatible database and offers a generous free tier and consumption based billing once free limits are exceeded.

  • TiDB Dedicated

    TiDB Dedicated is for production use with the benefits of cross-zone high availability, horizontal scaling, and HTAP.

For feature comparison between TiDB Serverless and TiDB Dedicated, see TiDB: An advanced, open source, distributed SQL database.


TiDB Cloud architecture

  • TiDB VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)

    For each TiDB Cloud cluster, all TiDB nodes and auxiliary nodes, including TiDB Operator nodes and logging nodes, are deployed in an independent VPC.

  • TiDB Cloud Central Services

    Central Services, including billing, alerts, meta storage, dashboard UI, are deployed independently. You can access the dashboard UI to operate the TiDB cluster via the internet.

  • Your VPC

    You can connect to your TiDB cluster via private endpoint connection or VPC peering connection. Refer to Set Up Private Endpoint Connections or Set up VPC Peering Connection for details.

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