Upgrade a TiDB Cluster

This document describes how to upgrade a TiDB cluster on TiDB Cloud. TiDB Cloud provides two upgrade mechanisms for upgrading your TiDB version.

Regularly upgrade

For the TiDB version that is too low, TiDB Cloud will regularly upgrade it uniformly, and notify users via email before and after the upgrade.

Contact support to upgrade

You can also submit an upgrade request in the work order system. We will contact you and complete the upgrade within the agreed time. To upgrade, perform the following steps:

  1. Visit https://support.pingcap.com, and click Sign in.

  2. Click Submit a request.

  3. In the Subject field, enter "TiDB version upgrade".

  4. In the Description field, enter the following information:

    • Current TiDB version: xxx
    • Upgrade TiDB version: xxx
    • Login Email: xxx
    • Cloud Provider: GCP or AWS
    • Cluster Name: xxx
  5. Click Submit.

    TiDB Cloud technical support will confirm with you the time period for the upgrade. After you have confirmed the upgrade time, TiDB Cloud technical support will do the upgrade at the confirmed time period.