Developer Tier Cluster

This document introduces TiDB Cloud Developer Tier (Dev Tier) clusters, special terms and conditions.

Developer Tier introduction

The TiDB Cloud Developer Tier is a one-year free trial of TiDB Cloud, the fully managed service of TiDB. You can use Developer Tier clusters for non-production workloads such as prototype applications, hackathons, academic courses, or to provide a temporary data services for non-commercial datasets.

Each Developer Tier cluster is a full-featured TiDB cluster and comes with the following:

  • 1 TiDB shared node
  • 1 TiKV shared node (with 10 GiB of OLTP storage)
  • 1 TiFlash shared node (with 10 GiB of OLAP storage)

Developer Tier clusters run on shared nodes. Although each node is run in its own container on a virtual machine (VM), that VM is also running other TiDB, TiKV, or TiFlash nodes. As a result, shared nodes will have reduced performance when compared to standard, dedicated TiDB Cloud nodes. However, as all nodes are running in separate containers and have dedicated cloud disks, data stored in a Developer Tier cluster is isolated and will never be exposed to other TiDB clusters.

For each TiDB Cloud account, you can use one complimentary Developer Tier cluster to use for one year. Although you can only run one Developer Tier cluster at a time, you can delete and recreate the cluster as many times as you wish.

The one-year free trial begins the day the first Developer Tier cluster is created.

Developer Tier special terms and conditions

  • No uptime SLA guarantee.
  • No high availability or automatic failover.
  • Upgrades to clusters might incur significant downtimes.
  • Each cluster allows one automatic daily backup and two manual backups.
  • The maximum number of connections to the Dev Tier cluster is 50.
  • You cannot use VPC Peering to connect to clusters.
  • You cannot scale clusters to larger storage, standard nodes, or increase the number of nodes.
  • The data transfer is limited to a total of 20 GiB in and out per week. If the 20 GiB limit is reached, the network traffic will be throttled to 10 KB/s.
  • The cluster will be backed up and shut down after 7 days of inactivity. To use the cluster again, you can restore it from previous backups.