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Manage Spending Limit for TiDB Serverless Scalable Clusters

Spending limit refers to the maximum amount of money that you are willing to spend on a particular workload in a month. It is a cost-control mechanism that allows you to set a budget for your TiDB Serverless scalable clusters.

For each organization in TiDB Cloud, you can create a maximum of five free clusters by default. To create more TiDB Serverless clusters, you need to add a credit card and create scalable clusters for the usage. But if you delete some of your previous clusters before creating more, the new cluster can still be created without a credit card.

Usage quota

For the first five TiDB Serverless clusters in your organization, whether they are free or scalable, TiDB Cloud provides a free usage quota for each of them as follows:

Once a cluster reaches its usage quota, it immediately denies any new connection attempts until you increase the quota or the usage is reset upon the start of a new month. Existing connections established before reaching the quota will not be affected. For example, when the storage of a cluster exceeds 5 GiB for a free cluster, the cluster automatically restricts any new connection attempts.

To learn more about the RU consumption of different resources (including read, write, SQL CPU, and network egress), the pricing details, and the throttled information, see TiDB Serverless Pricing Details.

If you want to create a TiDB Serverless cluster with an additional quota, you can edit the spending limit on the cluster creation page. For more information, see Create a TiDB Serverless cluster.

Update spending limit

For a TiDB Serverless free cluster, you can increase the usage quota by upgrading it to a scalable cluster. For an existing scalable cluster, you can adjust the monthly spending limit directly.

To update the spending limit for a TiDB Serverless cluster, perform the following steps:

  1. On the Clusters page of your project, click the name of your target cluster to go to its overview page.

  2. In the Usage This Month area, click Upgrade to Scalable Cluster.

    To adjust the spending limit for an existing scalable cluster, click Edit.

  3. Edit the monthly spending limit as needed. If you have not added a payment method, you will need to add a credit card after editing the limit.

  4. Click Update Cluster Plan.

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