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Export Data from TiDB

This page describes how to export data from your cluster in TiDB Cloud.

TiDB does not lock in your data. Sometimes you still want to be able to migrate data from TiDB to other data platforms. Because TiDB is highly compatible with MySQL, any export tool suitable for MySQL can also be used for TiDB.

You can use the tool Dumpling for data export.

  1. Download and install TiUP:

    curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf | sh
  2. Declare the global environment variable:

    source .bash_profile
  3. Install Dumpling.

    tiup install dumpling:v6.5.0
  4. Export your data using Dumpling from TiDB.

    You can get the following connection parameters ${tidb_endpoint}, ${port}, and ${user} from the connection string in the Connect dialog.

    • Serverless Tier
    • Dedicated Tier
    tiup dumpling:v6.5.0 -h ${tidb_endpoint} -P 4000 -u ${user} -p ${password} --ca=${ca_path} -F 67108864MiB -t 4 -o ${export_dir} --filetype sql
    tiup dumpling:v6.5.0 -h ${tidb_endpoint} -P ${port} -u ${user} -p ${password} -F 67108864MiB -t 4 -o ${export_dir} --filetype sql

    Options are described as follows:

    • -h: The TiDB cluster endpoint.
    • -P: The TiDB cluster port.
    • -u: The TiDB cluster user.
    • -p: The TiDB cluster password.
    • -F: The maximum size of a single file.
    • --ca: The CA root path. Refer to TLS Connections to Serverless Tier.
    • -o: The export directory.
    • --filetype: The exported file type. The default value is sql. You can choose from sql and csv.

    For more information about Dumpling options, see Dumpling option list.

    The minimum permissions required are as follows:

    • SELECT
    • RELOAD

After exporting data using Dumpling, you can import the data to MySQL compatible databases by using TiDB Lightning.

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