Export Data from TiDB

This page describes how to export data from your cluster in TiDB Cloud.

Daily backups are automatically scheduled for your TiDB clusters in TiDB Cloud. You can pick a backup snapshot and restore it into a new TiDB cluster at any time. Automated backup can reduce your losses in extreme disaster situations.

TiDB does not lock in your data, sometimes you still want to be able to migrate data from TiDB to other data platforms. Because TiDB is highly compatible with MySQL, any export tool suitable for MySQL can also be used for TiDB.

You can use the same tool Dumpling for data export.

  1. Download and install TiUP:

    curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://tiup-mirrors.pingcap.com/install.sh | sh
  2. Declare the global environment variable:


    After the installation, TiUP displays the absolute path of the corresponding profile file. You need to modify .bash_profile in following command to the path of your profile file.

    source .bash_profile
  3. Install Dumpling.

    tiup install dumpling
  4. Export your data using Dumpling from TiDB.

    tiup dumpling -h ${tidb-endpoint} -P 3306 -u ${user} -F 67108864 -t 4 -o /path/to/export/dir

    If you want to export only the specified databases, use -B to specify a comma separated list of database names.

    The minimum permissions required are as follows:

    • SELECT
    • RELOAD

    Currently, Dumpling only supports the Mydumper format output, which can be easily restored into MySQL compatible databases by using TiDB Lightning.

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