TiDB Cloud Quick Start

This document describes how to sign up for a trial of TiDB Cloud and how to create your TiDB cluster.


The most commonly used operations of TiDB Cloud are as follows:

Sign up for a trial

Now you can visit TiDB Cloud to apply for a trial.

  1. Visit https://pingcap.com/products/tidbcloud/trial, and submit the following information:

    • Work email
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Company name
  2. Finish the account setting. PingCAP support staff will contact you to offer help.

  3. After the setting, you will receive an account activation email. Click the verification link in the email to access your TiDB Cloud account.

  4. You can invite other members to join your organization after your login. Refer to Invite a team member for details.

Create a cluster

See Create a TiDB Cloud Cluster.

Connect to your cluster

See Connect to Your TiDB Cluster.

Explore SQL with TiDB

See Explore SQL with TiDB.