Select Your Cluster Tier

This document describes how to select your cluster tier on TiDB Cloud.

Cluster Tier overview

When creating a cluster, you need to select a cluster tier, which determines the throughput and performance of your cluster. Different cluster tiers provide different TiDB and TiKV node instance types. Different tiers are provided for AWS and GCP.


You cannot change the selected tier after your cluster is created.

AWS Tiers

Cluster tierNodeCPUMemoryStorageScenario
t1.tinyTiKV2 vCPU2 G50 G EBSTesting or development
t1.tinyTiDB2 vCPU2 G/Testing or development
t1.standardTiKV8 vCPU61 G1900 G NVMeProduction
t1.standardTiDB8 vCPU16 G/Production
h1.standardTiKV8 vCPU61 G1900 G NVMeProduction
h1.standardTiFlash8 vCPU61 G1900 G NVMeProduction
h1.standardTiDB8 vCPU16 G/Production

GCP Tiers

Cluster tierNodeCPUMemoryStorageScenario
t1.tinyTiKV1 vCPU3 G50 GTesting or development
t1.tinyTiDB1 vCPU3 G/Testing or development
t1.standardTiKV8 vCPU52 G1875 GProduction
t1.standardTiDB8 vCPU30 G/Production
h1.standardTiKV8 vCPU52 G1875 GProduction
h1.standardTiFlash8 vCPU52 G1875 GProduction
h1.standardTiDB8 vCPU30 G/Production