Create a TiDB Cloud Cluster

This document describes how to create a TiDB Cloud cluster.

  1. Log in to TiDB Cloud.

    Open in a browser and click Sign in with Google. The TiDB Cluster page displays.

  2. Select Cloud Provider.

    On the TiDB Cluster page, click the cloud service provider icon on the left of the top navigation bar, and select the cloud provider.

    Select Cloud Provider

  3. Access the Create Cluster page.

    On the TiDB Cluster page, click Create Cluster on the upper right. The Create Cluster page is displayed.

  4. Set the cluster name and the root password.

    1. In the Cluster Name field, enter a name for your TiDB Cloud cluster.
    2. In the Root Password field, enter a root password.
  5. Select Region.

    Click to select the region where your TiDB cluster is deployed. Future scaling will all be under the chosen region. You cannot change it after the cluster is created.

  6. Select Tier.

    Click to select your cluster tier, which determines the throughput and performance of your cluster. You cannot change it after the cluster is created. See Select Your Cluster Tier for details.

  7. Select the number of nodes.

    Set the number of your TiDB nodes and TiKV nodes respectively by clicking the plus or the minus sign. See Size Your Cluster for details.

  8. Click Submit.

    Your TiDB Cloud cluster will be successfully created in approximately 5-10 minutes.