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Third-Party Tools Supported by TiDB

TiDB is highly compatible with the MySQL protocol, so most of the MySQL drivers, ORM frameworks, and other tools that adapt to MySQL are compatible with TiDB. This document focuses on these tools and their support levels for TiDB.

Support Level

PingCAP works with the community and provides the following support levels for third-party tools:

  • Full: Indicates that TiDB is already compatible with most functionalities of the corresponding third-party tool, and maintains compatibility with its newer versions. PingCAP will periodically conduct compatibility tests with the latest version of the tool.
  • Compatible: Indicates that because the corresponding third-party tool is adapted to MySQL and TiDB is highly compatible with the MySQL protocol, so TiDB can use most features of the tool. However, PingCAP has not completed a full test on all features of the tool, which might lead to some unexpected behaviors.

If you encounter problems when connecting to TiDB using the tools listed in this document, please submit an issue on GitHub with details to promote support on this tool.


LanguageDriverLatest tested versionSupport levelTiDB adapterTutorial
GoGo-MySQL-Driverv1.6.0FullN/AConnect to TiDB with Go-MySQL-Driver
JavaJDBC8.0FullConnect to TiDB with JDBC


LanguageORM frameworkLatest tested versionSupport levelTiDB adapterTutorial
Gogormv1.23.5FullN/AConnect to TiDB with GORM
JavaHibernate6.1.0.FinalFullN/AConnect to TiDB with Hibernate
MyBatisv3.5.10FullN/AConnect to TiDB with MyBatis
Spring Data JPA2.7.2FullN/AConnect to TiDB with Spring Boot
jOOQv3.16.7 (Open Source)FullN/AN/A
RubyActive Recordv7.0FullN/AConnect to TiDB with Rails Framework and ActiveRecord ORM
JavaScript / TypeScriptSequelizev6.20.1FullN/AConnect to TiDB with Sequelize
Prisma4.16.2FullN/AConnect to TiDB with Prisma
TypeORMv0.3.17FullN/AConnect to TiDB with TypeORM
PythonDjangov4.2Fulldjango-tidbConnect to TiDB with Django
SQLAlchemyv1.4.37FullN/AConnect to TiDB with SQLAlchemy


GUILatest tested versionSupport levelTutorial
Beekeeper Studio4.3.0FullN/A
JetBrains DataGrip2023.2.1FullConnect to TiDB with JetBrains DataGrip
DBeaver23.0.3FullConnect to TiDB with DBeaver
Visual Studio Code1.72.0FullConnect to TiDB with Visual Studio Code

Need help?

Ask questions on TiDB Community, or create a support ticket.

Ask questions on TiDB Community, or create a support ticket.

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