You are viewing the documentation of TiDB v6.2 (DMR). PingCAP does not provide bug fixes for v6.2. Any bugs will be fixed in future releases.

For general purposes, please use the latest LTS version of the TiDB database.


Each contributor has played an important role in promoting the robust development of TiDB. We sincerely appreciate all contributors who have submitted code, written and translated documents for TiDB.

TiDB developers

TiDB developers contribute to new feature development, performance improvement, stability guarantee, and bug fixes. The following is the list of contributors in TiDB related repos:

For the full list of contributors, see SIG | TiDB DevGroup.

Writers and translators for TiDB documentation

Writers and translators write and translate documents for TiDB and the related projects. The following is the list of contributors in TiDB documentation related repos:

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