You are viewing the documentation of TiDB v6.0 (DMR). PingCAP does not provide bug fixes for v6.0. Any bugs will be fixed in future releases.

For general purposes, please use the latest LTS version of the TiDB database.

TiDB 1.0.1 Release Notes

On November 1, 2017, TiDB 1.0.1 is released with the following updates:


  • Support canceling DDL Job.
  • Optimize the IN expression.
  • Correct the result type of the Show statement.
  • Support log slow query into a separate log file.
  • Fix bugs.


  • Support flow control with write bytes.
  • Reduce Raft allocation.
  • Increase coprocessor stack size to 10MB.
  • Remove the useless log from the coprocessor.
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