You are viewing the documentation of TiDB v6.0 (DMR). PingCAP does not provide bug fixes for v6.0. Any bugs will be fixed in future releases.

For general purposes, please use the latest LTS version of the TiDB database.

Resume a Data Migration Task

You can use the resume-task command to resume a data migration task in the Paused state. This is generally used in scenarios where you want to manually resume a data migration task after handling the error that get the task paused.

help resume-task
resume a specified paused task

 dmctl resume-task [-s source ...] <task-name | task-file> [flags]

 -h, --help   help for resume-task

Global Flags:
 -s, --source strings   MySQL Source ID

Usage example

resume-task [-s "mysql-replica-01"] task-name

Flags description

  • -s: (Optional) Specifies the MySQL source where you want to resume the subtask of the migration task. If it is set, the command resumes only the subtasks on the specified MySQL source.
  • task-name | task-file: (Required) Specifies the task name or task file path.

Returned results

resume-task test
    "op": "Resume",
    "result": true,
    "msg": "",
    "sources": [
            "result": true,
            "msg": "",
            "source": "mysql-replica-01",
            "worker": "worker1"
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