You are viewing the documentation of TiDB v6.0 (DMR). PingCAP does not provide bug fixes for v6.0. Any bugs will be fixed in future releases.

For general purposes, please use the latest LTS version of the TiDB database.

Data Migration Configuration File Overview

This document gives an overview of configuration files of DM (Data Migration).

DM process configuration files

  • dm-master.toml: The configuration file of running the DM-master process, including the topology information and the logs of the DM-master. For more details, refer to DM-master Configuration File.
  • dm-worker.toml: The configuration file of running the DM-worker process, including the topology information and the logs of the DM-worker. For more details, refer to DM-worker Configuration File.
  • source.yaml: The configuration of the upstream database such as MySQL and MariaDB. For more details, refer to Upstream Database Configuration File.

DM migration task configuration

Data migration task creation

You can take the following steps to create a data migration task:

  1. Load the data source configuration into the DM cluster using dmctl.
  2. Refer to the description in the Task Configuration Guide and create the configuration file your_task.yaml.
  3. Create the data migration task using dmctl.

Important concepts

This section shows description of some important concepts.

ConceptDescriptionConfiguration File
source-idUniquely represents a MySQL or MariaDB instance, or a migration group with the primary-secondary structure. The maximum length of source-id is 32.source_id of source.yaml;
source-id of task.yaml
DM-master IDUniquely represents a DM-master (by the master-addr parameter of dm-master.toml)master-addr of dm-master.toml
DM-worker IDUniquely represents a DM-worker (by the worker-addr parameter of dm-worker.toml)worker-addr of dm-worker.toml
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