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tiup dm import

In DM v1.0, the cluster is basically deployed using TiDB Ansible. TiUP DM provides the import command to import v1.0 clusters and redeploy the clusters in DM v2.0.

  • The command does not support importing DM Portal components from DM v1.0 clusters.
  • Before importing the cluster, stop running the original cluster first.
  • For data migration tasks that need to be upgraded to v2.0, do not execute stop-task on these tasks.
  • The command only supports importing to DM v2.0.0-rc.2 and later versions.
  • The import command is used to import a DM v1.0 cluster to a new DM v2.0 cluster. If you need to import data migration tasks to an existing v2.0 cluster, refer to Manually Upgrade TiDB Data Migration from v1.0.x to v2.0+
  • The deployment directories of some components might be different from those in the original cluster. You can check it with the display command.
  • Before importing the cluster, run tiup update --self && tiup update dm to upgrade TiUP DM components to the latest version.
  • After the cluster is imported, there is only one DM-master node in the cluster. You can refer to the scale out command to scale out the DM-master node.


tiup dm import [flags]


-v, --cluster-version

  • Specifies the version number for redeploying. You must use a version later than v2.0.0-rc.2 (including v2.0.0-rc.2).
  • Data type: STRING
  • This option is required to execute the command.

-d, --dir

  • Specifies the directory of TiDB Ansible.
  • Data type: STRING
  • If this option is not specified in the command, the current directory is the default directory.


  • Specifies the name of the Ansible inventory file.
  • Data type: STRING
  • If this option is not specified in the command, the default file name is "inventory.ini".


  • Renames the imported cluster.
  • Data type: STRING
  • If this option is not specified in the command, the default cluster name is the cluster_name specified in the inventory file.

-h, --help

  • Prints help information.
  • Data type: BOOLEAN
  • This option is disabled by default with the false value. To enable this option, add this option to the command, and either pass the true value or do not pass any value.


The log of the importing process.

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