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tiup completion

To reduce user costs, TiUP provides the tiup completion command to generate a configuration file for automatic command-line completion. Currently, TiUP supports completing bash and zsh commands.

If you want to complete bash commands, you need to install bash-completion first. See the following instructions:

  • On macOS: If your bash version is earlier than 4.1, run brew install bash-completion; otherwise, run brew install bash-completion@2.
  • On Linux: Use a package manager to install bash-completion. For example, run yum install bash-completion or apt install bash-completion.


tiup completion <shell>

<shell> is used to set the type of shell you use. Currently, bash and zsh are supported.



Write the tiup completion bash command into a file and source the file in .bash_profile. See the following example:

tiup completion bash > ~/.tiup.completion.bash

printf "
# tiup shell completion
source '$HOME/.tiup.completion.bash'
" >> $HOME/.bash_profile

source $HOME/.bash_profile


tiup completion zsh > "${fpath[1]}/_tiup"

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