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TiFlash Deployment Topology

This document describes the deployment topology of TiFlash based on the minimal TiDB topology.

TiFlash is a columnar storage engine, and gradually becomes the standard cluster topology. It is suitable for real-time HTAP applications.

Topology information

InstanceCountPhysical machine configurationIPConfiguration
TiDB316 VCore 32GB *
Default port
Global directory configuration
PD34 VCore 8GB *
Default port
Global directory configuration
TiKV316 VCore 32GB 2TB (nvme ssd) *
Default port
Global directory configuration
TiFlash132 VCore 64 GB 2TB (nvme ssd) * port
Global directory configuration
Monitoring & Grafana14 VCore 8GB * 1 500GB (ssd) port
Global directory configuration

Topology templates

For detailed descriptions of the configuration items in the above TiDB cluster topology file, see Topology Configuration File for Deploying TiDB Using TiUP.

Key parameters

  • To enable the Placement Rules feature of PD, set the value of replication.enable-placement-rules in the configuration template to true.
  • The instance level "-host" configuration in tiflash_servers only supports IP, not domain name.
  • For detailed TiFlash parameter description, see TiFlash Configuration.

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