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TiDB 2.1.12 Release Notes

Release date: June 13, 2019

TiDB version: 2.1.12

TiDB Ansible version: 2.1.12


  • Fix the issue caused by unmatched data types when using the index query feedback #10755
  • Fix the issue that the blob column is changed to the text column caused by charset altering in some cases #10745
  • Fix the issue that the GRANT operation in the transaction mistakenly reports "Duplicate Entry" in some cases #10739
  • Improve the compatibility with MySQL of the following features
    • The DAYNAME function #10732
    • The MONTHNAME function #10733
    • Support the 0 value for the EXTRACT function when processing MONTH #10702
    • The DECIMAL type can be converted to TIMESTAMP or DATETIME #10734
  • Change the column charset while changing the table charset #10714
  • Fix the overflow issue when converting a decimal to a float in some cases #10730
  • Fix the issue that some extremely large messages report the "grpc: received message larger than max" error caused by inconsistent maximum sizes of messages sent/received by gRPC of TiDB and TiKV #10710
  • Fix the panic issue caused by ORDER BY not filtering NULL in some cases #10488
  • Fix the issue that values returned by the UUID function might be duplicate when multiple nodes exist #10711
  • Change the value returned by CAST(-num as datetime) from error to NULL #10703
  • Fix the issue that an unsigned histogram meets signed ranges in some cases #10695
  • Fix the issue that an error is reported mistakenly for reading data when the statistics feedback meets the bigint unsigned primary key #10307
  • Fix the issue that the result of Show Create Table for partitioned tables is not correctly displayed in some cases #10690
  • Fix the issue that the calculation result of the GROUP_CONCAT aggregate function is not correct for some correlated subqueries #10670
  • Fix the issue that the result is wrongly displayed when the memory table of slow queries parses the slow query log in some cases #10776


  • Fix the issue that etcd leader election is blocked in extreme conditions #1576


  • Fix the issue that Regions are not available during the leader transfer process in extreme conditions #4799
  • Fix the issue that TiKV loses data when the power of the machine fails abnormally, caused by delayed data flush to the disk when receiving snapshots #4850
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