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TiDB 2.0.7 Release Notes

On September 7, 2018, TiDB 2.0.7 is released. Compared with TiDB 2.0.6, this release has great improvement in system compatibility and stability.


  • New Feature
    • Add the PROCESSLIST table in information_schema #7286
  • Improvement
    • Collect more details about SQL statement execution and output the information in the SLOW QUERY log #7364
    • Drop the partition information in SHOW CREATE TABLE #7388
    • Improve the execution efficiency of the ANALYZE statement by setting it to the RC isolation level and low priority #7500
    • Speed up adding a unique index #7562
    • Add an option of controlling the DDL concurrency #7563
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fix the issue that USE INDEX(PRIMARY) cannot be used in a table whose primary key is an integer #7298
    • Fix the issue that Merge Join and Index Join output incorrect results when the inner row is NULL #7301
    • Fix the issue that Join outputs an incorrect result when the chunk size is set too small #7315
    • Fix the panic issue caused by a statement of creating a table involving range column #7379
    • Fix the issue that admin check table mistakenly reports an error of a time-type column #7457
    • Fix the issue that the data with a default value current_timestamp cannot be queried using the = condition #7467
    • Fix the issue that the zero-length parameter inserted by using the ComStmtSendLongData command is mistakenly parsed to NULL #7508
    • Fix the issue that auto analyze is repeatedly executed in specific scenarios #7556
    • Fix the issue that the parser cannot parse a single line comment ended with a newline character #7635


  • Improvement
    • Open the dynamic-level-bytes parameter in an empty cluster by default, to reduce space amplification
  • Bug Fix
    • Update approximate size and approximate keys count of a Region after Region merging
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