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TiDB 2.1.9 Release Notes

Release date: May 6, 2019

TiDB version: 2.1.9

TiDB Ansible version: 2.1.9


  • Fix compatibility of the MAKETIME function when unsigned type overflows #10089
  • Fix the stack overflow caused by constant folding in some cases #10189
  • Fix the privilege check issue for Update when an alias exists in some cases #10157, #10326
  • Track and control memory usage in DistSQL #10197
  • Support specifying collation as utf8mb4_0900_ai_ci #10201
  • Fix the wrong result issue of the MAX function when the primary key is of the Unsigned type #10209
  • Fix the issue that NULL values can be inserted into NOT NULL columns in the non-strict SQL mode #10254
  • Fix the wrong result issue of the COUNT function when multiple columns exist in DISTINCT #10270
  • Fix the panic issue occurred when LOAD DATA parses irregular CSV files #10269
  • Ignore the overflow error when the outer and inner join key types are inconsistent in Index Lookup Join #10244
  • Fix the issue that a statement is wrongly judged as point-get in some cases #10299
  • Fix the wrong result issue when the time type does not convert the time zone in some cases #10345
  • Fix the issue that TiDB character set cases are inconsistent in some cases #10354
  • Support controlling the number of rows returned by operator #9166
    • Selection & Projection #10110
    • StreamAgg & HashAgg #10133
    • TableReader & IndexReader & IndexLookup #10169
  • Improve the slow query log
    • Add SQL Digest to distinguish similar SQL #10093
    • Add version information of statistics used by slow query statements #10220
    • Show memory consumption of a statement in slow query log #10246
    • Adjust the output format of Coprocessor related information so it can be parsed by pt-query-digest #10300
    • Fix the # character issue in slow query statements #10275
    • Add some information columns to the memory table of slow query statements #10317
    • Add the transaction commit time to slow query log #10310
    • Fix the issue some time formats cannot be parsed by pt-query-digest #10323


  • Support the GetOperator service #1514


  • Fix potential quorum changes when transferring leader #4604


  • TiDB Binlog
    • Fix the issue that data replication is interrupted because data in the unsigned int type of primary key column are minus numbers #574
    • Remove the compression option when the downstream is pb and change the downstream name from pb to file #597
    • Fix the bug that Reparo introduced in 2.1.7 generates wrong UPDATE statements #576
  • TiDB Lightning
    • Fix the bug that the bit type of column data is incorrectly parsed by the parser #164
    • Fill the lacking column data in dump files using row id or the default column value #174
    • Fix the Importer bug that some SST files fail to be imported but it still returns successful import result #4566
    • Support setting a speed limit in Importer when uploading SST files to TiKV #4607
    • Change Importer RocksDB SST compression method to lz4 to reduce CPU consumption #4624
  • sync-diff-inspector
    • Support checkpoint #227

TiDB Ansible

  • Update links in tidb-ansible documentation according to docs refactoring #740, #741
  • Remove the enable_slow_query_log parameter in the inventory.ini file and output the slow query log to a separate log file by default #742

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