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TiDB 2.1.8 Release Notes

Release date: April 12, 2019

TiDB version: 2.1.8

TiDB Ansible version: 2.1.8


  • Fix the issue that the processing logic of GROUP_CONCAT function is incompatible with MySQL when there is a NULL-valued parameter #9930
  • Fix the equality check issue of decimal values in the Distinct mode #9931
  • Fix the collation compatibility issue of the date, datetime, and timestamp types for the SHOW FULL COLUMNS statement
  • Fix the issue that the row count estimation is inaccurate when the filtering condition contains correlated columns #9937
  • Fix the compatibility issue between the DATE_ADD and DATE_SUB functions
  • Support the %H format for the STR_TO_DATE function to improve compatibility #9964
  • Fix the issue that the result is wrong when the GROUP_CONCAT function groups by a unique index #9969
  • Return a warning when the Optimizer Hints contains an unmatched table name #9970
  • Unify the log format to facilitate collecting logs using tools for analysis Unified Log Format
  • Fix the issue that a lot of NULL values cause inaccurate statistics estimation #9979
  • Fix the issue that an error is reported when the default value of the TIMESTAMP type is the boundary value #9987
  • Validate the value of time_zone #10000
  • Support the 2019.01.01 time format #10001
  • Fix the issue that the row count estimation is displayed incorrectly in the result returned by the EXPLAIN statement in some cases #10044
  • Fix the issue that KILL TIDB [session id] cannot instantly stop the execution of a statement in some cases #9976
  • Fix the predicate pushdown issue of constant filtering conditions in some cases #10049
  • Fix the issue that a read-only statement is not processed correctly in some cases #10048


  • Fix the issue that regionScatterer might generate an invalid OperatorStep #1482
  • Fix the issue that a hot store makes incorrect statistics of keys #1487
  • Fix the too short timeout issue of the MergeRegion operator #1495
  • Add elapsed time metrics of the PD server handling TSO requests #1502


  • Fix the issue of wrong statistics of the read traffic #4441
  • Fix the raftstore performance issue when too many Regions exist #4484
  • Do not ingest files when the number of level 0 SST files exceeds level_zero_slowdown_writes_trigger/2 #4464


  • Optimize the order of importing tables for Lightning to reduce the effects of large tables executing Checksum and Analyze on the cluster during the importing process and improve the success rate of Checksum and Analyze #156
  • Improve the encoding SQL performance by 50% for Lightning by directly parsing the data source file content to types.Datum of TiDB to avoid additional parsing working of the KV encoder #145
  • Add the storage.sync-log configuration item in TiDB Binlog Pump to support flushing disks of the local storage asynchronously in Pump #529
  • Support traffic compression of communication between TiDB Binlog Pump and Drainer #530
  • Add the syncer.sql-mode configuration item in TiDB Binlog Drainer to support using different sql-modes to parse DDL queries #513
  • Add the syncer.ignore-table configuration item in TiDB Binlog Drainer to support filtering tables not to be replicated #526

TiDB Ansible

  • Modify the version limit for the operating system and only support CentOS 7.0 or later and Red Hat 7.0 or later #734
  • Add the feature of checking whether epollexclusive is supported in every OS #728
  • Add the version limit for rolling update to prohibit upgrading a version of 2.0.1 or earlier to a version of 2.1 or later #728

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