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TiDB 2.1.15 Release Notes

Release date: July 16, 2019

TiDB version: 2.1.15

TiDB Ansible version: 2.1.15


  • Fix the issue that the DATE_ADD function returns wrong results due to incorrect alignment when dealing with microseconds #11289
  • Fix the issue that an error is reported when the empty value in the string column is compared with FLOAT or INT #11279
  • Fix the issue that the INSERT function fails to correctly return the NULL value when a parameter is NULL #11249
  • Fix the issue that an error occurs when indexing the column of the non-string type and 0 length #11215
  • Add the SHOW TABLE REGIONS statement to query the Region distribution of a table through SQL statements #11238
  • Fix the issue that an error is reported when using the UPDATE … SELECT statement because the projection elimination is used to optimize rules in the SELECT subqueries #11254
  • Add the ADMIN PLUGINS ENABLE/ADMIN PLUGINS DISABLE SQL statement to dynamically enable or disable plugins #11189
  • Add the session connection information in the Audit plugin #11189
  • Fix the panic issue that happens when a column is queried on multiple times and the returned result is NULL during point queries #11227
  • Add the tidb_scatter_region configuration item to scatter table Regions when creating a table #11213
  • Fix the data race issue caused by non-thread safe rand.Rand when using the RAND function #11170
  • Fix the issue that the comparison result of integers and non-integers is incorrect in some cases #11191
  • Support modifying the collation of a database or a table, but the character set of the database/table has to be UTF-8 or utf8mb4 #11085
  • Fix the issue that the precision shown by the SHOW CREATE TABLE statement is incomplete when CURRENT_TIMESTAMP is used as the default value of the column and the float precision is specified #11087


  • Unify the log format #5083
  • Improve the accuracy of Region's approximate size or keys in extreme cases to improve the accuracy of scheduling #5085


  • Unify the log format #1625


TiDB Binlog

  • Optimize the Pump GC strategy and remove the restriction that the unconsumed binlog cannot be cleaned to make sure that the resources are not occupied for a long time #663

TiDB Lightning

  • Fix the import error that happens when the column names specified by the SQL dump are not in lowercase #210

TiDB Ansible

  • Add the parse duration and compile duration monitoring items in TiDB Dashboard to monitor the time that it takes to parse SQL statements and execute compilation #815

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