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TiDB 2.0.8 Release Notes

On October 16, 2018, TiDB 2.0.8 is released. Compared with TiDB 2.0.7, this release has great improvement in system compatibility and stability.


  • Improvement
    • Slow down the AUTO-ID increasing speed when the Update statement does not modify the corresponding AUTO-INCREMENT column #7846
  • Bug fixes
    • Quickly create a new etcd session to recover the service when the PD leader goes down #7810
    • Fix the issue that the time zone is not considered when the default value of the DateTime type is calculated #7672
    • Fix the issue that duplicate key update inserts values incorrectly in some conditions #7685
    • Fix the issue that the predicate conditions of UnionScan are not pushed down #7726
    • Fix the issue that the time zone is not correctly handled when you add the TIMESTAMP index #7812
    • Fix the memory leak issue caused by the statistics module in some conditions #7864
    • Fix the issue that the results of ANALYZE cannot be obtained in some abnormal conditions #7871
    • Do not fold the function SYSDATE, to ensure the returned results are correct #7894
    • Fix the substring_index panic issue in some conditions #7896
    • Fix the issue that OUTER JOIN is mistakenly converted to INNER JOIN in some conditions #7899


  • Bug fix
    • Fix the issue that the memory consumed by Raftstore EntryCache keeps increasing when a node goes down #3529

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