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tiup mirror rotate

root.json is an important file in a TiUP mirror. It stores the public keys needed for the entire system and is the basis of the chain of trust in TiUP. It mainly contains the following parts:

  • Signatures of mirror administrators. For the official mirror, there are five signatures. For an initialized mirror, there are three signatures by default.
  • The public keys used to verify the following files:
    • root.json
    • index.json
    • snapshot.json
    • timestamp.json
  • Expiration date of root.json. For the official mirror, the expiration date is one year later than the creation date of root.json.

For detailed description of TiUP mirror, see TiUP Mirror Reference.

You need to update root.json in the following cases:

  • Replace the key of the mirror.
  • Update the expiration date of certificate files.

After the content of root.json is updated, the file must be re-signed by all administrators; otherwise, the client rejects the file. The update process is as follows:

  1. The user (client) updates the content of root.json.
  2. All administrators sign the new root.json file.
  3. tiup-server updates snapshot.json to record the version of the new root.json file.
  4. tiup-server signs the new snapshot.json file.
  5. tiup-server updates timestamp.json to record the hash value of the new snapshot.json file.
  6. tiup-server signs the new timestamp.json file.

TiUP uses the command tiup mirror rotate to automate the above process.


tiup mirror rotate [flags]

After executing this command, TiUP starts an editor for the user to modify the file content to the target value, such as changing the value of the expires field to a later date. Then, TiUP changes the version field from N to N+1 and saves the file. After the file is saved, TiUP starts a temporary HTTP server and waits for all mirror administrators to sign the file.

For how mirror administrators sign files, refer to the sign command.



  • Specifies the listening address of the temporary server. You need to make sure that the address is accessible to other mirror administrators so that they can use the sign command to sign the file.
  • Data type: STRING
  • If this option is not specified in the command, TiUP listens on by default.


The current signature status of each mirror administrator.

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