You are viewing the documentation of an older version of the TiDB database (TiDB v5.1).

It is recommended that you use the latest LTS version of the TiDB database.

tiup cluster list

tiup-cluster supports deploying multiple clusters using the same control machine. The tiup cluster list command outputs all clusters deployed by the currently logged-in user using this control machine.


The deployed cluster data is stored in the ~/.tiup/storage/cluster/clusters/ directory by default, so on the same control machine, the currently logged-in user cannot view the clusters deployed by other users.


tiup cluster list [flags]


-h, --help

  • Prints help information.
  • Data type: BOOLEAN
  • This option is disabled by default and its default value is false. To enable this option, you can add this option to the command, and pass the true value or do not pass any value.


Outputs the table with the following fields:

  • Name: the cluster name
  • User: the deployment user
  • Version: the cluster version
  • Path: the path of the cluster deployment data on the control machine
  • PrivateKey: the path of the private key that is used to connect the cluster

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