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TiDB 2.1.10 Release Notes

Release date: May 22, 2019

TiDB version: 2.1.10

TiDB Ansible version: 2.1.10


  • Fix the issue that some abnormalities cause incorrect table schema when using tidb_snapshot to read the history data #10359
  • Fix the issue that the NOT function causes wrong read results in some cases #10363
  • Fix the wrong behavior of Generated Column in the Replace or Insert on duplicate update statement #10385
  • Fix a bug of the BETWEEN function in the DATE/DATETIME comparison #10407
  • Fix the issue that a single line of a slow log that is too long causes an error report when using the SLOW_QUERY table to query a slow log #10412
  • Fix the issue that the result of DATETIME plus INTERVAL is not the same with that of MySQL in some cases #10416, #10418
  • Add the check for the invalid time of February in a leap year #10417
  • Execute the internal initialization operation limitation only in the DDL owner to avoid a large number of conflict error reports when initializing the cluster #10426
  • Fix the issue that DESC is incompatible with MySQL when the default value of the output timestamp column is default current_timestamp on update current_timestamp #10337
  • Fix the issue that an error occurs during the privilege check in the Update statement #10439
  • Fix the issue that wrong calculation of RANGE causes a wrong result in the CHAR column in some cases #10455
  • Fix the issue that the data might be overwritten after decreasing SHARD_ROW_ID_BITS #9868
  • Fix the issue that ORDER BY RAND() does not return random numbers #10064
  • Prohibit the ALTER statement modifying the precision of decimals #10458
  • Fix the compatibility issue of the TIME_FORMAT function with MySQL #10474
  • Check the parameter validity of PERIOD_ADD #10430
  • Fix the issue that the behavior of the invalid YEAR string in TiDB is incompatible with that in MySQL #10493
  • Support the ALTER DATABASE syntax #10503
  • Fix the issue that the SLOW_QUERY memory engine reports an error when no ; exists in the slow query statement #10536
  • Fix the issue that the Add index operation in partitioned tables cannot be canceled in some cases #10533
  • Fix the issue that the OOM panic cannot be recovered in some cases #10545
  • Improve the security of the DDL operation rewriting the table metadata #10547


  • Fix the issue that the priority of the leader does not take effect #1533


  • Reject transferring the leader in a Region whose configuration has been changed recently to avoid transfer failure #4684
  • Add the priority label for Coprocessor metrics #4643
  • Fix the possible dirty read issue during transferring the leader #4724
  • Fix the issue that CommitMerge causes the restart failure of TiKV in some cases #4615
  • Fix unknown logs #4730


  • TiDB Lightning
    • Add the retry feature when TiDB Lightning fails to send data to importer #176
  • TiDB Binlog
    • Optimize the Pump storage log to facilitate troubleshooting #607

TiDB Ansible

  • Update the configuration file of TiDB Lightning and add the tidb_lightning_ctl script #d3a4a368
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