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Information Functions

TiDB supports most of the information functions available in MySQL 5.7.

Supported functions

BENCHMARK()Execute an expression in a loop
CONNECTION_ID()Return the connection ID (thread ID) for the connection
CURRENT_USER(), CURRENT_USERReturn the authenticated user name and host name
DATABASE()Return the default (current) database name
FOUND_ROWS()For a SELECT with a LIMIT clause, the number of the rows that are returned if there is no LIMIT clause
LAST_INSERT_ID()Return the value of the AUTOINCREMENT column for the last INSERT
ROW_COUNT()The number of rows affected
SCHEMA()Synonym for DATABASE()
SESSION_USER()Synonym for USER()
SYSTEM_USER()Synonym for USER()
USER()Return the user name and host name provided by the client
VERSION()Return a string that indicates the MySQL server version

Unsupported functions

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