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TiUP Documentation Guide

TiUP user guide

  • TiUP Overview: Gives an overall introduction to TiUP, for example, how to install and use TiUP
  • TiUP Terminology and Concepts: Explains the terms that you might bump into when using TiUP, and help you understand the key concepts of TiUP
  • TiUP Component Management: Introduces all TiUP commands in detail, and how to use TiUP to download, update and delete components
  • TiUP FAQ: Introduces common issues when you use TiUP, including FAQs of the third-party components of TiUP
  • TiUP Troubleshooting Guide: Introduces the troubleshooting methods and solutions if you encounter issues when using TiUP

TiUP component user guide

  • tiup-playground: Introduces how to use the TiUP playground component to quickly build a local TiDB cluster for testing
  • tiup-cluster: Introduces the usage and command-line flags of the TiUP cluster component, which is used to deploy and maintain a TiDB cluster for production
  • tiup-mirror: Introduces how to use the TiUP mirror component to customize a local offline mirror
  • tiup-bench: Introduces how to use the TiUP bench component for common stress testings, such as TPCC/TPCH

TiUP resources