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It is recommended that you use the latest LTS version of the TiDB database.

tiup cluster rename

The cluster name is specified when the cluster is deployed. If you want to change the cluster name after the cluster is deployed, you can use the command tiup cluster rename.


If the dashboard_dir field of grafana_servers is configured for the TiUP cluster, after you execute the command tiup cluster rename to rename the cluster, the following additional steps are required:

  • For the *.json files in the local dashboards directory, update the datasource field of each file to the new cluster name, because the value of datasource must be the name of the cluster.
  • Execute the command tiup cluster reload -R grafana.


tiup cluster rename <old-cluster-name> <new-cluster-name> [flags]
  • <old-cluster-name>: The old cluster name.
  • <new-cluster-name>: The new cluster name.


-h, --help

  • Prints help information.
  • Data type: BOOLEAN
  • This option is disabled by default with the false value. To enable this option, add this option to the command, and either pass the true value or do not pass any value.


The execution log of the tiup-cluster.

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