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TiDB Roadmap

Improve system stability

  • Create bindings for UPDATE/DELETE/INSERT queries #15827
  • Optimize transaction commits to avoid commit failures caused by DDL execution #18098
  • Reduce latency jitter #18005

Improve system performance and reduce latency

  • Optimize the performance and efficiency of bulk deletion #18028
  • Improve memory management #17479
  • Improve the accuracy and robustness of index selection #18065
  • Improve the performance of partition pruning and data access on the partitioned table #18016
  • Async Commit. This feature means that the statement being written can return to the client as soon as possible after the prewrite stage finishes, which reduces system latency. #8316
  • Clustered index #4841
  • Support cross-region deployment and geo-partition #18273

Improve system security


  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) for TiFlash #18080
  • TLS for internal communication in the TiDB cluster #529
  • SSH LDAP extension for TiUP #528

Transparent Data Encryption (TDE)

  • Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) for TiFlash #18082
  • TDE for PD #18262


  • Desensitize the TiDB general log #18034


  • Optimize the performance and stability of TiDB running on AWS i3.xlarge/i3.2xlarge #18025
  • Optimize the performance and stability of TiDB running on non-NVMe SSD or on cloud disk (such as AWS EBS gp2) #18024

New features

  • Point-in-time recovery #325
  • Change column types #17526
  • Easier to discover performance issues and diagnose the causes #18867
  • Support the collations of utf8mb4_unicode_ci and utf8_unicode_ci #17596
  • Make TiCDC a complete alternative to TiDB Binlog #690
    • Support distinguishing UPDATE and INSERT in a row changed event.
    • Support providing old values in the row changed event, including old values before the DELETE or UPDATE execution.
  • Support snapshot-level consistent replication for disaster recovery #691
    • Support MySQL sink in replicating the upstream to a snapshot-level consistent state when the upstream meets a disaster
  • Manage TiCDC using API #736
  • Support the SQL-based import command #18089
  • Support Avro sink and make TiCDC compatible with Kafka connect #660
  • Support Spark 3.0 #1173
  • Support EXCEPT/INTERSECT operators #18031
  • Support migrating the RDS (such as MySQL/Aurora) on cloud to TiDB #18629

TiDB Operator

See TiDB Operator Roadmap.