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tiup mirror grant

The tiup mirror grant command is used to introduce a component owner to the current mirror.

Component owners can use their keys to publish new components or to modify components they previously published. Before adding a new component owner, the component owner to be added needs to send his or her own public key to the mirror administrator.


This command is only supported when the current mirror is a local mirror.


tiup mirror grant <id> [flags]

<id> stands for the component owner's ID, which must be unique in the whole mirror. It is recommended to use an ID that matches the regular expression ^[a-z\d](?:[a-z\d]|-(?=[a-z\d])){0,38}$.


-k, --key

  • Specifies the key of the introduced component owner. This key can either be public or private. If it is a private key, TiUP converts it to the corresponding public key before storing it in the mirror.
  • A key can be used by only one component owner.
  • Data type: STRING
  • Default: "${TIUP_HOME}/keys/private.json"

-n, --name

  • Specifies the name of the component owner. The name is displayed on the Owner field of the component list. If -n/--name is not specified, <id> is used as the component owner's name.
  • Data type: STRING
  • Default: <id>


  • If the command is executed successfully, there is no output.
  • If the component owner's ID is duplicated, TiUP reports the error Error: owner %s exists.
  • If the key is used by another component owner, TiUP reports the error Error: key %s exists.

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