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TiDB 3.0.6 Release Notes

Release date: November 28, 2019

TiDB version: 3.0.6

TiDB Ansible version: 3.0.6


  • SQL Optimizer
    • Fix the issue that the result is incorrect after the window function AST restores SQL text, for example, over w being mistakenly restored to over (w) #12933
    • Fix the issue of pushing down STREAM AGG() to doubleRead #12690
    • Fix the issue that quotes are incorrectly handled for SQL binding #13117
    • Optimize the select max(_tidb_rowid) from t scenario to avoid full table scans #13095
    • Fix the issue that the query result is incorrect when the query statement contains a variable assignment expression #13231
    • Fix the issue that the result is incorrect when the UPDATE statement contains both a sub-query and a generated column; fix the UPDATE statement execution error when this statement contains two same-named tables from different source databases #13350
    • Support _tidb_rowid for point queries #13416
    • Fix the issue that the generated query execution plan is incorrect, caused by incorrect usage of partitioned table statistics #13628
  • SQL Execution Engine
    • Fix the issue that TiDB is incompatible with MySQL when handling invalid values of the year type #12745
    • Reuse Chunk in the INSERT ON DUPLICATE UPDATE statement to reduce the memory overhead #12998
    • Add the support for the JSON_VALID built-in function #13133
    • Support executing ADMIN CHECK TABLE on partitioned tables #13140
    • Fix the panic issue when FAST ANALYZE is executed on empty tables #13343
    • Fix the panic issue when executing FAST ANALYZE on an empty table that contains multi-column indexes #13394
    • Fix the issue that the estimated number of rows is greater than 1 when the WHERE clause contains an equal condition on the unique key #13382
    • Fix the issue that the returned data might be duplicated when Streaming is enabled in TiDB #13254
    • Extract the top N values from the count-min sketch to improve the estimation accuracy #13429
  • Server
    • Make requests sent to TiKV fail quickly when the gRPC dial times out #12926
    • Add the following virtual tables: #13009
      • performance_schema.tidb_profile_allocs
      • performance_schema.tidb_profile_block
      • performance_schema.tidb_profile_cpu
      • performance_schema.tidb_profile_goroutines
    • Fix the issue that the kill command does not work when the query is waiting for pessimistic locking #12989
    • Do not do asynchronous rollback when acquiring pessimistic locking fails and the transaction only involves modifying a single key #12707
    • Fix the panic issue when the response for the request of splitting Regions is empty #13092
    • Avoid unnecessary backoff when PessimisticLock returns a locking error #13116
    • Modify the TiDB behavior for checking configurations by printing a warning log for unrecognized configuration option #13272
    • Support obtaining the binlog status of all TiDB nodes via the /info/all interface #13187
    • Fix the issue that goroutine might leak when TiDB kills connections #13251
    • Make the innodb_lock_wait_timeout parameter work in pessimistic transactions to control the lock wait timeout for pessimistic locking #13165
    • Stop updating pessimistic transaction TTL when pessimistic transactional queries are killed to prevent other transactions from waiting unnecessarily #13046
  • DDL
    • Fix the issue that the execution result of SHOW CREATE VIEW in TiDB is inconsistent with that in MySQL #12912
    • Support creating View based on union, for example, create view v as select * from t1 union select * from t2 #12955
    • Add more transaction-related fields for the slow_query table: #13072
      • Prewrite_time
      • Commit_time
      • Get_commit_ts_time
      • Commit_backoff_time
      • Backoff_types
      • Resolve_lock_time
      • Local_latch_wait_time
      • Write_key
      • Write_size
      • Prewrite_region
      • Txn_retry
    • Use the table’s COLLATE instead of the system’s default charset in the column when a table is created and the table contains COLLATE #13174
    • Limit the length of the index name when creating a table #13310
    • Fix the issue that the table name length is not checked when a table is renamed #13346
    • Add the alter-primary-key configuration (disabled by default) to support adding/dropping the primary key in TiDB #13522


  • Fix the issue that the acquire_pessimistic_lock interface returns a wrong txn_size #5740
  • Limit the writes for GC worker per second to reduce the impact on the performance #5735
  • Make lock_manager accurate #5845
  • Support innodb_lock_wait_timeout for pessimistic locking #5848
  • Add the configuration check for Titan #5720
  • Support using tikv-ctl to dynamically modify the GC I/O limit: tikv-ctl --host=ip:port modify-tikv-config -m server -n gc.max_write_bytes_per_sec -v 10MB #5957
  • Reduce useless clean up requests to decrease the pressure on the deadlock detector #5965
  • Avoid reducing TTL in pessimistic locking prewrite requests #6056
  • Fix the issue that a missing blob file might occur in Titan #5968
  • Fix the issue that RocksDBOptions might not take effect in Titan #6009


  • Add an ActOn dimension for each filter to indicate that each scheduler and checker is affected by the filter, and delete two unused filters: disconnectFilter and rejectLeaderFilter #1911
  • Print a warning log when it takes more than 5 milliseconds to generate a timestamp in PD #1867
  • Lower the client log level when passing unavailable endpoint to the client #1856
  • Fix the issue that the gRPC message package might exceed the maximum size in the region_syncer replication process #1952


  • TiDB Binlog
    • Obtain the initial replication timestamp from PD when initial-commit-ts is set to “-1” in Drainer #788
    • Decouple Drainer’s Checkpoint storage from the downstream and support saving Checkpoint in MySQL or local files #790
    • Fix the Drainer panic issue caused by using empty values when configuring replication database/table filtering #801
    • Fix the issue that processes get into the deadlock status instead of exiting after a panic occurs because Drainer fails to apply binlog files to the downstream #807
    • Fix the issue that Pump blocks when it exits because of gRPC’s GracefulStop #817
    • Fix the issue that Drainer fails when it receives a binlog which misses a column during the execution of a DROP COLUMN statement in TiDB (v3.0.6 or later) #827
  • TiDB Lightning
    • Add the max-allowed-packet configuration (64 M by default) for the TiDB backend #248
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