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Upgrade TiFlash Nodes


To upgrade TiFlash from the Pre-RC version to a later version, contact PingCAP for more information and help.

Before the upgrade, make sure that the cluster is started. To upgrade TiFlash nodes, take the following steps:

  1. Back up the tidb-ansible folder:

    mv tidb-ansible tidb-ansible-bak
  2. Download tidb-ansible that corresponds to the tag of TiDB v3.1:

    git clone -b $tag
  3. Download binary:

    ansible-playbook local_prepare.yml
  4. Edit the inventory.ini file.

  5. Rolling upgrade TiFlash:

    ansible-playbook rolling_update.yml --tags tiflash
  6. Rolling upgrade the TiDB monitoring component:

    ansible-playbook rolling_update_monitor.yml