You are viewing the documentation of an older version of the TiDB database (TiDB v3.1).

It is recommended that you use the latest LTS version of the TiDB database.

TiDB Binlog Troubleshooting

This document describes how to troubleshoot TiDB Binlog to find the problem.

If you encounter errors while running TiDB Binlog, take the following steps to troubleshoot:

  1. Check whether each monitoring metric is normal or not. Refer to TiDB Binlog Monitoring for details.

  2. Use the binlogctl tool to check whether the state of each Pump or Drainer node is normal or not.

  3. Check whether ERROR or WARN exists in the Pump log or Drainer log.

After finding out the problem by the above steps, refer to FAQ and TiDB Binlog Error Handling for the solution. If you fail to find the solution or the solution provided does not help, submit an issue for help.

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