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TiDB 3.0.3 Release Notes

Release date: August 29, 2019

TiDB version: 3.0.3

TiDB Ansible version: 3.0.3


  • SQL Optimizer
    • Add the opt_rule_blacklist table to disable logic optimization rules such as aggregation_eliminate and column_prune #11658
    • Fix the issue that incorrect results might be returned for Index Join when the join key uses a prefix index or an unsigned index column that is equal to a negative value #11759
    • Fix the issue that or \ in the SELECT statements of create … binding ... might result in parsing errors #11726
  • SQL Execution Engine
    • Fix the issue that type errors in the return value might occur when the Quote function handles a null value #11619
    • Fix the issue that incorrect results for ifnull might be returned when Max/Min is used for type inferring with NotNullFlag retained #11641
    • Fix the potential error that occurs when comparing bit type data in string form #11660
    • Decrease the concurrency for data that requires sequential read to lower the possibility of OOM #11679
    • Fix the issue that incorrect type inferring might be caused when multiple parameters are unsigned for some built-in functions (for example, if and coalesce) #11621
    • Fix the incompatibility with MySQL when the Div function handles unsigned decimal types #11813
    • Fix the issue that panic might occur when executing SQL statements that modify the status of Pump/Drainer #11827
    • Fix the issue that panic might occur for select ... for update when Autocommit = 1 and there is no begin statement #11736
    • Fix the permission check error that might occur when the set default role statement is executed #11777
    • Fix the permission check error that might occur when create user or drop user is executed #11814
    • Fix the issue that the select ... for update statement might auto retry when it is constructed into the PointGetExecutor function #11718
    • Fix the boundary error that might occur when the Window function handles partition #11825
    • Fix the issue that the time function hits EOF errors when handling an incorrectly formatted argument #11893
    • Fix the issue that the Window function does not check the passed-in parameters #11705
    • Fix the issue that the plan result viewed via Explain is inconsistent with the actually executed plan #11186
    • Fix the issue that duplicate memory referenced by the Window function might result in a crash or incorrect results #11823
    • Update the incorrect information in the Succ field in the slow log #11887
  • Server
    • Rename the tidb_back_off_wexight variable to tidb_backoff_weight #11665
    • Update the minimum TiKV version compatible with the current TiDB to v3.0.0 #11618
    • Support make testSuite to ensure the suites in the test are correctly used #11685
  • DDL
    • Skip the execution of unsupported partition-related DDL statements, including statements that modify the partition type while deleting multiple partitions #11373
    • Disallow a Generated Column to be placed before its dependent columns #11686
    • Modify the default values of tidb_ddl_reorg_worker_cnt and tidb_ddl_reorg_batch_size #11874
  • Monitor
    • Add new backoff monitoring types to record duration for each backoff type; add more backoff metrics to cover previously uncounted types such as commit backoff #11728


  • Fix the issue that ReadIndex might fail to respond to requests because of duplicate context #5256
  • Fix potential scheduling jitters caused by premature PutStore #5277
  • Fix incorrect timestamps reported from Region heartbeats #5296
  • Reduce the size of core dump by excluding the shared block cache from it #5322
  • Fix potential TiKV panics during region merge #5291
  • Speed up leader change check for the dead lock detector #5317
  • Support using grpc env to create deadlock clients #5346
  • Add config-check to check whether the configuration is correct #5349
  • Fix the issue that ReadIndex does not return anything when there is no leader #5351


  • Return success message for pdctl #1685


  • TiDB Binlog
    • Modify the default value of defaultBinlogItemCount in Drainer from 65536 to 512 to reduce the chance of OOM on Drainer startup #721
    • Optimize the offline logic for pump server to avoid potential offline congestions #701
  • TiDB Lightning:
    • Skip the system databases mysql, information_schema, performance_schema, and sys by default when importing #225

TiDB Ansible

  • Optimize PD operations for rolling update to improve stability #894
  • Remove the Grafana Collector components that are not supported by the current Grafana version #892
  • Update TiKV alerting rules #898
  • Fix the issue that the generated TiKV configuration misses the pessimistic-txn parameter #911
  • Update Spark to V2.4.3, and update TiSpark to V2.1.4 that is compatible with Spark V2.4.3 #913, #918
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