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TiDB 2.1.18 Release Notes

Release date: November 4, 2019

TiDB version: 2.1.18

TiDB Ansible version: 2.1.18


  • SQL Optimizer
    • Fix the issue that invalid query ranges might appear when split by feedback #12172
    • Fix the issue that the privilege check is incorrect in point get plan #12341
    • Optimize execution performance of the select ... limit ... offset … statement by pushing the Limit operator down to the IndexLookUpReader execution logic #12380
    • Support using parameters in ORDER BY, GROUP BY and LIMIT OFFSET #12514
    • Fix the issue that IndexJoin on the partition table returns incorrect results #12713
    • Fix the issue that the str_to_date function in TiDB returns a different result from MySQL when the date string and the format string do not match #12757
    • Fix the issue that outer join is incorrectly converted to inner join when the cast function is included in the query conditions #12791
    • Fix incorrect expression passing in the join condition of AntiSemiJoin #12800
  • SQL Engine
    • Fix the incorrectly rounding of time (for example, 2019-09-11 11:17:47.999999666 should be rounded to 2019-09-11 11:17:48) #12259
    • Fix the issue that the duration by sql_type for the PREPARE statement is not shown in the monitoring record #12329
    • Fix the panic issue when the from_unixtime function handles null #12572
    • Fix the compatibility issue that when an invalid value is inserted as the YEAR type, the result is NULL instead of 0000 #12744
    • Improve the behavior of the AutoIncrement column when it is implicitly allocated, to keep it consistent with the default mode of MySQL auto-increment locking ("consecutive" lock mode): for the implicit allocation of multiple AutoIncrement IDs in a single-line Insert statement, TiDB guarantees the continuity of the allocated values. This improvement ensures that the JDBC getGeneratedKeys() method will get the correct results in any scenario #12619
    • Fix the issue that the query is hanged when HashAgg serves as a child node of Apply #12769
    • Fix the issue that the AND and OR logical expressions return incorrect results when it comes to type conversion #12813
  • Server
    • Fix the issue that the SLEEP() function is invalid for the KILL TIDB QUERY statements #12159
    • Fix the issue that no error is reported when AUTO_INCREMENT incorrectly allocates MAX int64 and MAX uint64 #12210
    • Fix the issue that the slow query logs are not recorded when the log level is ERROR #12373
    • Adjust the number of times that TiDB caches schema changes and corresponding changed table information from 100 to 1024, and support modification by using the tidb_max_delta_schema_count system variable #12515
    • Change the query start time from the point of "starting to execute" to “starting to compile” to make SQL statistics more accurate #12638
    • Add the record of set session autocommit in TiDB logs #12568
    • Record SQL query start time in SessionVars to prevent it from being reset during plan execution #12676
    • Support ? placeholder in ORDER BY, GROUP BY and LIMIT OFFSET #12514
    • Add the Prev_stmt field in slow query logs to output the previous statement when the last statement is COMMIT #12724
    • Record the last statement before COMMIT into the log when the COMMIT fails in an explicitly committed transaction #12747
    • Optimize the saving method of the previous statement when the TiDB server executes a SQL statement to improve performance #12751
    • Fix the panic issue caused by FLUSH PRIVILEGES statements under the skip-grant-table=true configuration #12816
    • Increase the default minimum step of applying AutoID from 1000 to 30000 to avoid performance bottleneck when there are many write requests in a short time #12891
    • Fix the issue that the failed Prepared statement is not print in the error log when TiDB panics #12954
    • Fix the issue that the COM_STMT_FETCH time record in slow query logs is inconsistent with that in MySQL #12953
    • Add an error code in the error message for write conflicts to quickly locate the cause #12878
  • DDL
    • Disallow dropping the AUTO INCREMENT attribute of a column by default. Modify the value of the tidb_allow_remove_auto_inc variable if you do need to drop this attribute. See TiDB Specific System Variables for more details. #12146
    • Support multiple uniques when creating a unique index in the Create Table statement #12469
    • Fix a compatibility issue that if the foreign key constraint in CREATE TABLE statement has no schema, schema of the created table should be used instead of returning a No Database selected error #12678
    • Fix the issue that the invalid list index error is reported when executing ADMIN CANCEL DDL JOBS #12681
  • Monitor
    • Add types for backoff monitoring and supplement the backoff time that is not recorded before, such as the backoff time when committing #12326
    • Add a new metric to monitor Add Index operation progress #12389


  • Improve the --help command output of pd-ctl #1772


  • TiDB Binlog
    • Fix the issue that ALTER DATABASE related DDL operations cause Drainer to exit abnormally #770
    • Support querying the transaction status information for Commit binlog to improve replication efficiency #761
    • Fix the issue that a Pump panic might occur when Drainer's start_ts is greater than Pump's largest commit_ts #759

TiDB Ansible

  • Add two monitoring items "queue size" and “query histogram” for TiDB Binlog #952
  • Update TiDB alerting rules #961
  • Check the configuration file before the deployment and upgrade #973
  • Add a new metric to monitor index speed in TiDB #987
  • Update TiDB Binlog monitoring dashboard to make it compatible with Grafana v4.6.3 #993
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