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Deploy a TiDB Cluster from Homebrew

TiDB on Homebrew supports a minimal installation mode of the tidb-server without the tikv-server or pd-server. This is useful for development environments, since you can test your application's compatibility with TiDB without needing to deploy a full TiDB platform.

This installation method is supported on macOS, Linux and Windows (via WSL).


Internally this installation uses goleveldb as the storage engine. It is much slower than TiKV, and any benchmarks will be unreliable.

Installation steps

After first installing Homebrew, TiDB can be installed with:

brew tap pingcap/brew
brew install tidb-server

# start the tidb-server

The tidb-server does not bundle any clients. To use with the MySQL client:

brew install mysql-client
mysql -h -P4000 -uroot

Startup item

TiDB can start automatically on login. This is currently only supported on macOS:

brew services start tidb-server