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Deploy a TiDB Cluster from Homebrew

TiDB on Homebrew supports a minimal installation mode of the tidb-server without the tikv-server or pd-server. This is useful for development environments, since you can test your application's compatibility with TiDB without needing to deploy a full TiDB platform.

This installation method is supported on macOS, Linux and Windows (via WSL).

Installation steps

After first installing Homebrew, TiDB can be installed with:

brew tap pingcap/brew && brew install tidb-server

To start the tidb-server:


The tidb-server does not bundle any clients. To use with the MySQL client:

brew install mysql-client && mysql -h -P4000 -uroot

Startup item

TiDB can start automatically on login. This is currently only supported on macOS:

brew services start tidb-server
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