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TiDB 2.0.3 Release Notes

On June 1, 2018, TiDB 2.0.3 is released. Compared with TiDB 2.0.2, this release has great improvement in system compatibility and stability.


  • Support modifying the log level online
  • Support the COM_CHANGE_USER command
  • Support using the TIME type parameters under the binary protocol
  • Optimize the cost estimation of query conditions with the BETWEEN expression
  • Do not display the FOREIGN KEY information in the result of SHOW CREATE TABLE
  • Optimize the cost estimation for queries with the LIMIT clause
  • Fix the issue about the YEAR type as the unique index
  • Fix the issue about ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE in conditions without the unique index
  • Fix the compatibility issue of the CEIL function
  • Fix the accuracy issue of the DIV calculation in the DECIMAL type
  • Fix the false alarm of ADMIN CHECK TABLE
  • Fix the panic issue of MAX/MIN under specific expression parameters
  • Fix the issue that the result of JOIN is null in special conditions
  • Fix the IN expression issue when building and querying Range
  • Fix a Range calculation issue when using Prepare to query and Plan Cache is enabled
  • Fix the issue that the Schema information is frequently loaded in abnormal conditions


  • Fix the panic issue when collecting hot-cache metrics in specific conditions
  • Fix the issue about scheduling of the obsolete Regions


  • Fix the bug that the learner flag mistakenly reports to PD
  • Report an error instead of getting a result if divisor/dividend is 0 in do_div_mod
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