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tiup cluster audit

The tiup cluster audit command is used to view commands executed on all clusters in the history and the execution log of each command.


tiup cluster audit [audit-id] [flags]
  • If you do not fill in the [audit-id], the table of operation records is output in reverse chronological order. The first column is the audit-id.
  • If you fill in the [audit-id], it means checking the execution log of the specified audit-id.


-h, --help

  • Prints the help information.
  • Data type: Boolean
  • This option is disabled by default and its default value is false. To enable this option, you can add this option to the command, and pass the true value or do not pass any value.


  • If [audit-id] is specified, the corresponding execution log is output.
  • If [audit-id] is not specified, a table with the following fields is output:
    • ID: the audit-id corresponding to the record
    • Time: the execution time of the command corresponding to the record
    • Command: the command corresponding to the record

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