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tiup status

The tiup status command is used to view the operation information of the components after you run the components using the tiup [flags] <component> [args...] command.


tiup status [flags]




A table consisting of the following fields:

  • Name: The tag name specified by -T/--tag. If not specified, it is a random string.
  • Component: The operating components.
  • PID: The corresponding process ID of the operating components.
  • Status: The status of the operating components.
  • Created Time: The starting time of the components.
  • Directory: The data directory of the components.
  • Binary: The binary file path of the components.
  • Args: The starting arguments of the operating components.

Component status

A component can run in one of the following statuses:

  • Up: The component is running normally.
  • Down or Unreachable: The component is not running or a network problem exists on the corresponding host.
  • Tombstone: The data on the component has been completely migrated out and the scaling-in is complete. This status exists only on TiKV or TiFlash.
  • Pending Offline: The data on the component is being migrated out and the scaling-in is in process. This status exists only on TiKV or TiFlash.
  • Unknown: The running status of the component is unknown.

Component status derives from the PD scheduling information. For more details, see Information collection.

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