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TiCDC Deployment Topology

This document describes the deployment topology of TiCDC based on the minimal cluster topology.

TiCDC is a tool for replicating the incremental data of TiDB, introduced in TiDB 4.0. It supports multiple downstream platforms, such as TiDB, MySQL, Kafka, MQ, and storage services. Compared with TiDB Binlog, TiCDC has lower latency and native high availability.

Topology information

InstanceCountPhysical machine configurationIPConfiguration
TiDB316 VCore 32GB *
Default port
Global directory configuration
PD34 VCore 8GB *
Default port
Global directory configuration
TiKV316 VCore 32GB 2TB (nvme ssd) *
Default port
Global directory configuration
CDC38 VCore 16GB *
Default port
Global directory configuration
Monitoring & Grafana14 VCore 8GB * 1 500GB (ssd) port
Global directory configuration

Topology templates

For detailed descriptions of the configuration items in the above TiDB cluster topology file, see Topology Configuration File for Deploying TiDB Using TiUP.

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