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TiDB Roadmap

This roadmap brings you what's coming in the future, so you can see the new features or improvements in advance, follow the progress, learn about the key milestones on the way, and give feedback as the development work goes on. In the course of development, this roadmap is subject to change based on user needs and feedback. If you have a feature request or want to prioritize a feature, please file an issue on GitHub.

Highlights of what we are planning

CategoryMid-calendar-year LTS releaseEnd-calendar-year LTS releaseFuture releases
Scalability and Performance
Enhance horsepower
  • General plan cache
    Improve general read performance

  • Partitioned Raft KV storage engine
    Provide increased write velocity, faster scaling operations, and larger clusters

  • TiFlash performance boost
    Implement TiFlash optimization such as late materialization and runtime filter

  • Fastest online DDL distributed framework
    Complete the distributed framework to support the fastest online DDL

  • Stability at PB scale
    Provide reliable and consistent performance for tremendous data

  • Disaggregate TiFlash compute and storage (auto-scaling)
    Realize elastic HTAP resource utilization

  • TiFlash S3 based storage engine
    Provide shared storage at lower cost

  • Next generation, more powerful storage engine

  • Unlimited transaction size

  • Multi-model support

Reliability and Availability
Enhance dependability
  • Resource control: quotas and scheduling for resource groups and background tasks
    Reliably and efficiently manage workloads and applications that share the same cluster

  • TiCDC/PITR recovery objective enhancements
    Increase business continuity and minimize the impact of system failures

  • TiProxy
    Keep database connections during cluster upgrade and scale in/out, and avoid impact on applications

  • End-to-end data correctness check
    Prevent data error or corruption through TiCDC

  • Multi-tenancy
    Provide fine-grained resource control and isolation to reduce cost

  • Improved cluster/node level fault tolerance
    Enhance cluster resilience

  • TiFlash spill to disk
    Avoid TiFlash OOM

  • Enhanced TiDB memory management

  • Global table

Enhance functionality and compatibility
  • Production-ready TTL (time-to-live) data management
    Manage database size and improve performance by automatically expiring outdated data

  • Table level flashback
    Support traveling a single table to a specific time via SQL

  • Materialized views
    Support pre-calculation to boost query performance

  • Federated query

  • Cascades optimizer

  • Full text search & GIS support

  • User-defined functions

Database Operations and Observability
Enhance DB manageability and its ecosystem
  • Distributed TiCDC single table replication
    Dramatically improve TiCDC throughput by distributing the workload to multiple nodes

  • Production-ready TiCDC sink to Amazon S3 and Azure object storage
    Enhance ecosystem to better work with big data

  • TiDB Operator fast scale-in
    Improve from scaling in one by one to scaling in at once

  • SQL-based data import
    Improve user-friendliness through operational enhancements

  • Major performance boost for data import
    Expect 3-4 times of improvements

  • Multiple upstreams for TiCDC
    Support N:1 TiDB to TiCDC

  • SQL-based data management
    Improve data management for TiCDC, data migration, and backup and restore tools

  • Automatic pause/resume DDL during upgrade
    Ensure a smooth upgrade experience

  • AI-indexing

  • Heterogeneous database migration support

  • Re-invented AI-SQL performance advisor
Enhance data safety and privacy
  • JWT authentication
    Provide secure and standard authentication

  • LDAP integration
    Authenticate via LDAP server over TLS

  • Audit log enhancement
    Enhance logs with greater details

  • Column-level/row-level access control
    Provide finer-grained control

  • Database encryption
    Encryption at rest with more granularity at the table level and column level

  • Unified TLS CA/Key rotation policy
    Enhance security and operational efficiency for all TiDB components

  • Enhanced client-side encryption

  • Enhanced data masking

  • Enhanced data lifecycle management

These are non-exhaustive plans and are subject to change. Features might differ per service subscriptions.

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