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TiDB 5.4.1 Release Notes

Release Date: May 13, 2022

TiDB version: 5.4.1

Compatibility changes

TiDB v5.4.1 does not introduce any compatibility changes in product design. But note that bug fixes in this release might result in compatibility changes, too. For more information, see Bug Fixes.


  • TiDB

    • Support using the PointGet plan for queries that read the _tidb_rowid column #31543
    • Add more logs and metrics for the Apply operator to show whether it is parallel #33887
    • Improve the TopN pruning logic for Analyze Version 2 used for collecting statistics #34256
    • Support displaying multiple Kubernetes clusters in the Grafana dashboard #32593
  • TiKV

    • Support displaying multiple Kubernetes clusters in the Grafana dashboard #12104
  • PD

    • Support displaying multiple Kubernetes clusters in the Grafana dashboard #4673
  • TiFlash

    • Support displaying multiple Kubernetes clusters in the Grafana dashboard #4129
  • Tools

    • TiCDC

      • Support multiple Kubernetes clusters in Grafana dashboards #4665
      • Expose configuration parameters of the Kafka producer to make them configurable in TiCDC #4385
    • TiDB Data Migration (DM)

      • Support Syncer using the working directory of the DM-worker rather than /tmp to write internal files, and cleaning the directory after the task is stopped #4107

Bug Fixes

  • TiDB

    • Fix the issue that date_format in TiDB handles '\n' in a MySQL-incompatible way #32232
    • Fix the issue that TiDB writes wrong data due to the wrong encoding of the ENUM or SET column #32302
    • Fix the issue that the Merge Join operator gets wrong results in certain cases #33042
    • Fix the issue that TiDB gets a wrong result when a correlated subquery returns a constant #32089
    • Fix the issue that TiDB gets the wrong result when using TiFlash to scan tables with empty range although TiFlash does not support reading tables with empty range yet #33083
    • Fix the issue that the MAX or MIN function on the ENUM or SET column returns a wrong result when the new collation is enabled in TiDB #31638
    • Fix a bug that CTE might be blocked when a query reports errors #31302
    • Fix wrong range calculation results for Nulleq function on Enum values #32428
    • Fix TiDB OOM when exporting data using ChunkRPC #31981 #30880
    • Fix a bug that tidb_super_read_only is not automatically enabled when tidb_restricted_read_only is enabled #31745
    • Fix the issue that the greatest or least function with collation gets a wrong result #31789
    • Fix load data panic if the data is broken at an escape character #31589
    • Fix the invalid transaction error when executing a query using index lookup join #30468
    • Fix wrong results of deleting data of multiple tables using left join #31321
    • Fix a bug that TiDB may dispatch duplicate tasks to TiFlash #32814
    • Fix the issue that granting the all privilege might fail in clusters that are upgraded from v4.0 #33588
    • Fix the session panic that occurs when executing the prepared statement after table schema change with the MySQL binary protocol #33509
    • Fix the issue that executing SQL statements that have the compress() expression with tidb_enable_vectorized_expression enabled will fail #33397
    • Fix the issue of high CPU usage by the reArrangeFallback function #30353
    • Fix the issue that the table attributes are not indexed when a new partition is added and the issue that the table range information is not updated when the partition changes #33929
    • Fix a bug that the TopN statistical information of a table during the initialization is not correctly sorted #34216
    • Fix the error that occurs when reading from the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ATTRIBUTES table by skipping the unidentifiable table attributes #33665
    • Fix a bug that even if @@tidb_enable_parallel_apply is set, the Apply operator is not paralleled when an order property exists #34237
    • Fix a bug that '0000-00-00 00:00:00' can be inserted into a datetime column when sql_mode is set to NO_ZERO_DATE #34099
    • Fix the issue that the TiDB server might run out of memory when the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.CLUSTER_SLOW_QUERY table is queried. This issue can be triggered when you check slow queries on the Grafana dashboard #33893
    • Fix a bug that in the NOWAIT statement, a transaction being executed does not return immediately when encountering a lock #32754
    • Fix a bug that causes a failure when creating a table with the GBK charset and gbk_bin collation #31308
    • Fix a bug that when enable-new-charset is on, creating a GBK charset table with collation fails with the "Unknown character set" error #31297
  • TiKV

    • Fix the issue that TiKV panics and destroys peers unexpectedly because the target Region to be merged is invalid #12232
    • Fix a bug that stale messages cause TiKV to panic #12023
    • Fix the issue of intermittent packet loss and out of memory (OOM) caused by the overflow of memory metrics #12160
    • Fix the potential panic issue that occurs when TiKV performs profiling on Ubuntu 18.04 #9765
    • Fix a bug that replica reads might violate the linearizability #12109
    • Fix the TiKV panic issue that occurs when the target peer is replaced with the peer that is destroyed without being initialized when merging a Region #12048
    • Fix a bug that TiKV might panic if it has been running for 2 years or more #11940
    • Reduce the TiCDC recovery time by reducing the number of the Regions that require the Resolve Locks step #11993
    • Fix the panic issue caused by deleting snapshot files when the peer status is Applying #11746
    • Fix the issue that destroying a peer might cause high latency #10210
    • Fix the panic issue caused by invalid assertion in resource metering #12234
    • Fix the issue that slow score calculation is inaccurate in some corner cases #12254
    • Fix the OOM issue caused by the resolved_ts module and add more metrics #12159
    • Fix the issue that successfully committed optimistic transactions may report the Write Conflict error when the network is poor #34066
    • Fix the TiKV panic issue that occurs when replica read is enabled on a poor network #12046
  • PD

    • Fix the issue that Duration fields of dr-autosync cannot be dynamically configured #4651
    • Fix the issue that when there exists a Store with large capacity (2T for example), fully allocated small Stores cannot be detected, which results in no balance operator being generated #4805
    • Fix the issue that the label distribution has residual labels in the metrics #4825
  • TiFlash

    • Fix the panic issue that occurs when TLS is enabled #4196
    • Fix possible metadata corruption caused by Region merge on a lagging Region peer #4437
    • Fix the issue that a query containing JOIN might be hung if an error occurs #4195
    • Fix a bug that MPP tasks might leak threads forever #4238
    • Fix the overflow that occurs when casting FLOAT to DECIMAL #3998
    • Fix the issue that expired data is recycled slowly #4146
    • Fix a bug that canceled MPP queries might cause tasks to hang forever when the local tunnel is enabled #4229
    • Fix the issue of memory leak that occurs when a query is canceled #4098
    • Fix the wrong result that occurs when casting DATETIME to DECIMAL #4151
    • Fix the potential issue of TiFlash panic when Snapshot is applied simultaneously with multiple DDL operations #4072
    • Fix the bug that invalid storage directory configurations lead to unexpected behaviors #4093
    • Fix the bug that some exceptions are not handled properly #4101
    • Fix the issue that casting INT to DECIMAL might cause overflow #3920
    • Fix the issue that the result of IN is incorrect in multi-value expressions #4016
    • Fix the issue that the date format identifies '\n' as an invalid separator #4036
    • Fix the potential query error after adding columns under heavy read workload #3967
    • Fix the panic issue that occurs when the memory limit is enabled #3902
    • Fix potential data corruption in DTFiles #4778
    • Fix potential errors when querying on a table with many delete operations #4747
    • Fix a bug that TiFlash reports many "Keepalive watchdog fired" errors randomly #4192
    • Fix a bug that data not matching any region range remains on a TiFlash node #4414
    • Fix a bug that empty segments cannot be merged after GC #4511
  • Tools

    • Backup & Restore (BR)

      • Fix a bug that causes the restore operation to fail when the encryption information is lost during backup retry #32423
      • Fix the issue that BR fails to back up RawKV #32607
      • Fix duplicate primary keys when inserting a record into a table after incremental restoration #33596
      • Fix a bug that BR incremental restore returns errors mistakenly due to DDL jobs with empty query #33322
      • Fix the potential issue that Regions might be unevenly distributed after a restore operation is finished #31034
      • Fix the issue that BR does not retry enough times when Regions are not consistent during restoration #33419
      • Fix the issue that BR might panic occasionally when merging small files is enabled #33801
      • Fix the issue that schedulers do not resume after BR or TiDB Lightning exits abnormally #33546
    • TiCDC

      • Fix incorrect metrics caused by owner changes #4774
      • Fix the TiCDC panic issue that might occur because Canal-JSON does not support nil #4736
      • Fix a stability problem in workerpool used by Unified Sorter #4447
      • Fix a bug that sequence is incorrectly replicated in some cases #4552
      • Fix the TiCDC panic issue that might occur when Canal-JSON incorrectly handles string #4635
      • Fix a bug that a TiCDC node exits abnormally when a PD leader is killed #4248
      • Fix a bug that MySQL sink generates duplicated replace SQL statements when batch-replace-enable is disabled #4501
      • Fix the DML construct error caused by the rename tables DDL #5059
      • Fix the issue that in rare cases replication can be stuck if the owner is changed and the new scheduler is enabled (disabled by default) #4963
      • Fix the issue that the error ErrProcessorDuplicateOperations is reported when the new scheduler is enabled (disabled by default) #4769
      • Fix the issue that TiCDC fails to start when the first PD set in --pd is not available after TLS is enabled #4777
      • Fix the issue that the checkpoint metrics are missing when tables are being scheduled #4714
    • TiDB Lightning

      • Fix the checksum error "GC life time is shorter than transaction duration" #32733
      • Fix the issue that TiDB Lightning gets stuck when it fails to check empty tables #31797
      • Fix a bug that TiDB Lightning may not delete the metadata schema when some import tasks do not contain source files #28144
      • Fix the issue that the precheck does not check local disk resources and cluster availability #34213
    • TiDB Data Migration (DM)

      • Fix the issue that hundreds of "checkpoint has no change, skip sync flush checkpoint" print in the log and the replication is very slow #4619
      • Fix a bug that long varchars report an error Column length too big #4637
      • Fix the issue that execution errors of the update statement in safemode may cause the DM-worker panic #4317
      • Fix the issue that in some cases manually executing the filtered DDL in the downstream might cause task resumption failure #5272
      • Fix a bug that no data is returned for the query-status command when binlog is not enabled in the upstream #5121
      • Fix the DM worker panic issue that occurs when the primary key is not first in the index returned by the SHOW CREATE TABLE statement #5159
      • Fix the issue that CPU usage may increase and a large amount of log is printed when GTID is enabled or when the task is automatically resumed #5063

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